Makeup for Asian Brides With Oily Skin


Opt for an oil-free moisturizer to avoid adding another layer of oil to your skin.It is imperative to purchase the correct makeup for oily skin in order to avoid breakouts and excessive shine throughout the day. When you have oily skin, applying makeup can become a nightmare.

I have oily patches on my face, especially down the sides of my nose. This is a nuisance, especially when I try to slim my face and straightening my nose with makeup.

I’ve learned to live with my oily patches by making good use of the below helpful tips. I’m sure they will work for you too.

Makeup for Asian Brides With Oily Skin

Before makeup

Use a toner before you moisturize. This will act as an astringent and help “dry” out your skin. Wait for the toner to dry completely before applying your face cream. This is part of the three step process to prepare your face for cosmetics.
Clean everything (I mean, EVERYTHING). Your makeup applicators need to be cleaned regularly to get oil out of them. The oil on your face transfers to the applicators you use, so using a good antibacterial dishwashing liquid will dissolve the oil on them as well as killing any bacteria that they may have picked up. I clean my makeup brushes every day. It’s a chore but it’s worth it not having break outs. I also make sure my face towels are always clean.

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Splash your face with cold water morning and night. This will refresh your face and tighten pores. I know this sounds painful during cold winters but this is mainly a summer tip when my skin gets really oily. It really helps and feels wonderful too.

Drinking water can also help regulate your natural hormones. Increase your daily water intake. You’ll notice a difference after just a few days. As soon as I drink less water I notice more problems with my skin, so this is a proven method.

Egg Whites. Beat 2 egg whites until firm (they will form peaks), apply to your face and leave until dry. Cleanse the mask off with a mild organic cleanser. This mask has been around through many decades of facial care history and has proven to be beneficial to many people.

Sugar Cane. Apply pure sugar cane extract to your oily areas. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse off. This absorbs the excess oil on my face very quickly.

Avoid greasy foods. This sounds obvious but it’s true. Try to follow a healthy diet with lots of veggies and fruit. I notice a real difference.

Eliminate stress from your life. Stress causes your body to produce excessive oil (androgens). Pay attention to your skin, you’ll see break outs usually coincide with a stressful events in your life. Try to avoid stressful situations.
Use once per week as your skincare routine or more frequently during excessive oil production.

Makeup for Oily Skin – More Tips

Use a powder foundation, not cream or liquid. Powder works best for oily skin as it absorbs oil effectively.

Use a loose setting powder throughout the day to touch up your makeup and camouflage shine. No need to use too much product, just a few strokes of the brush should suffice.

Avoid shimmery makeup products directly on the oily areas . Any shimmer will highlight oily areas on your face. Stick to matte colours when purchasing makeup for oily skin.

Use mineral makeup. The all natural ingredients will be gentler on your skin. Thank God for this invention 🙂

Opt for a lighter shade of foundation (1 shade lighter). Oil production tends to make the skin darker.

Use blotting papers throughout the day. They are easy to carry and you can use them to absorb excess oil very quickly.

The above makeup for oily skin tips help me regulate and control my skin. When I don’t practice the above, I notice a real deterioration. These tips might sound simple to you but they really work. Try them. They’re all free!

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