20 SEO Tips and Techniques you have to know


SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a marketing discipline focused on visibility more organic results (unpaid) search engines. SEO comprises both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, generate traffic and enhance awareness in search engines. There are many aspects to SEO words on your page how other websites link to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is just a matter of ensuring that your website is structured in a way that search engines understand.

Here is our things you must do to ensure the goodness of your online visibility profile.

20 SEO Tips and Techniques you have to know

SEO Tips and Techniques : On-page

  1. Have good quality content. There is absolutely nothing that will help you more than having good content that your visitors want to read. There is nothing more harmful than poor quality content.
  1. Make sure that every article has 500 words at least and preferably one thousand words or more if you can.
  1. Make sure that every article has other media like photos or video. This will increase engagement.
  1. Make sure Layout is well-made and everything is clearly marked with headings, paragraphs and the like.
  1. Make sure that your sentences and paragraphs are short. People don’t have time to wade through dense pages.


SEO Tips and Techniques : Social Media

  1. Never think you are above social media. Social media is marketing in its purest form. With social media you are right where the market is. Use it to your advantage.
  1. Don’t just sell and sell on the social media sites. People hate that. They aren’t on social media to buy and buy. They are there to socialist, don’t forget it.
  1. Use social media as a testing ground. Get your customers ideas, opinions and reviews.
  1. Use social media sites to update the customers on your business – where it’s going, who you are as a team, etc.
  1. Don’t stick to one social media site. Spread your efforts across all of them.


SEO Tips and Techniques : Search Engine Optimization Link Building

  1. Link building should be a part of your arsenal. Even in 2016. That’s not to say you can do like people did in the old days of SEO and Spam thousands of websites. You need to be smarter than that.
  1. The best way to do this is to have an honest link profile: comment on your favorite relevant, post on relevant forums and build other Web 2.0 sites that are related to your money site.
  1. A varied link profile is a must. If you have one thousand blog comments but no other types of posts, this will flag itself as an unnatural source of links.
  1. Natural link building is slow and consistent. Don’t Spam 1000 sites overnight. Instead, take a natural, slow, steady and relevant approach to link building.
  1. If in doubt, build your own network of sites. If you build links on other people’s sites, you’re at their mercy, and they can delete them at any time.


SEO Tips and Techniques : Networking

  1. Guest posts are great. You should link up with other influencer in your niche, and act as though you’re all running one big site. That’s important because you then share a larger community.
  1. Low quality guest posts are not useful. In the past, people would swap loads of links with other low quality sites. This then allowed them to skip up the search rankings. Search engines are wise to this now.
  1. Instead, build real relationships with related companies. A few good, solid guest posts will build your audience.
  1. Work with bigger sites. They will help you increase your flow of readers to your own site.
  1. Don’t be afraid to work with smaller sites as well. Those are important as you build a grassroots community and you also help other people along the way. This will pay back dividends in the future.


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